Elvis is Still Alive
Video Art by JiHAE Premiered on 2008
JiHAE performs percussive breath based on Maurice Ravel’s one movement orchestral piece, ‘Bolero’ for video artist, Marco Brambilla.
Score for one of short film collective, One Dream Rush – Directed by Rajan Mehta
One Dream Rush Trailer
JiHAE’s ‘Faint Remix’ for ‘One Dream Rush’ trailer, a short film collective of 42 directors including David Lynch, Larry Clark, Kenneth Anger, Jonas Mekas, Gaspar Noi, Mike Figgis, Harmony Korine, Terence Koh etc
Roots of Life VII The Sun
Northface video project score.
Interview by video artist Gerald Byrnes
Premiered at Irish Pavilion at Venice Biennale Shot by Christopher Doyle
Fire Burning Rain Rock Opera
Created by JiHAE & John Patrick Shanley
Roots of Life IV Red
Northface video project score.